How to Spend a Weekend Alone in Florence

Florence is one of the prettiest cities in Italy. The art is fantastic, the views of the river and the duomo are hard to beat and the gelato is the creamiest in the land. Spending a few days here alone, you will have the time of your life and eat some of the best food you’ve ever had. Here are your must hits as a solo female traveler in Florence. 

Climb the bell tower of the Duomo at Sunset:

Everyone says to climb the actual Duomo, but when you climb the bell tower, you get to look at the Duomo instead. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is this incredible domed structure against the orange pink of the Tuscan sun lowering below the horizon. Listen to the bells, feel the breeze and take a selfie at the top of the tower with the Duomo behind you. Talk about magic, people.

Drink wine all day long:

Who is going to stop you from drinking wine with lunch, wine with an afternoon snack, wine for happy hour, another wine just because, and wine with dinner and dessert. Italy is amazing and sells wine in juice boxes that you can literally take with wherever you go, so when you get thirsty, boom! You have your handy wine juice box. Since you are alone, being wine tipsy all day might just make your time be that much better – talk to strangers, soak in the Italian vibes, stroll the cobblestone streets in a dreamlike state because Italy deserves nothing less. 

Try a new gelato place everyday:

Florence is the gelato capital of Italy, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. Always best to wander off the beaten tourist track for more bang for your buck as well as more flavors and creamier gelato. My favorite in Florence was Gelateria La Carraia on the other side of the river, past Ponte Vecchio. 

Eat THIS sandwich (multiple times because it’s that good):

This is the best meal I had in all of Italy. All’Antico Vinaio has THE best fluffy foccacia bread, fresh, unique fillings and the smells to fill up your stomach before you even spot the teeny tiny storefront. The line is long, but it’s worth it and it moves fast AND you can even order wine to drink while you wait in line. I had something with spicy eggplant and an olive spread. Doesn’t even matter what you get because the bread is what makes the sandwich.

View of Florence Italy

Climb up to the top of the Piazzale Michelangelo:

For the best view of the city, walking up the hill to this spot is worth the climb. Pack some wine juice boxes and some snacks and head up there for one of the most romantic sunsets of your life. This is truly what people talk about when they say how beautiful Tuscany is – Florence at sunset is the essence of Tuscan beauty people. If you are in the city center, cross the river at Ponte Vecchio and walk to your left along the river until you start to see some gardens. There will be signs to help guide you to the top, but it’s hard to miss! 

Do whatever the heck you want because you’re in Italy and when are you going to be there alone again? Let yourself feel the freedom of traveling alone, meet new friends and go dancing, dine in a fancy restaurant alone and order the most expensive dessert, wear something edgy and European because you’re not at home. 

Soak up that Italian culture, because its richness and flair can’t be found anywhere else.

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